USASF Triple A Challenge

STAR Athletics applauds the USASF for putting our athletes 1st! 

[Did You Know?] In November 2018, the USASF Board announced its intention to take an even more aggressive and proactive approach to protecting athlete members from potential abuse and exploitation.

The governing body of All Star Cheer has released resources and educated our community about serious societal issues with regards to our children. Recently, they’ve developed a system for members to “check” themselves while using social media.

The Triple A Challenge

  • Is it Athletic?
  • Is it Age Appropriate?
  • What does it Amplify?

This system was created for ALL members of our All Star Cheer community… children, staff, parents, etc.

Team STAR: We ask that before you post any”cheer media”, please seriously evaluate the content and use the Triple A system. Always think about what message your media sends to the public… inside and outside of our All Star Cheer community.

Thank you to the USASF for guiding our sport in a responsible way.

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