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Follow the All Star Guide.

Ask The Questions Listed Below

1.  Customer Accounts

  • Is there a system to handle customer’s needs that is reliable, accessible, and organized?

2.  Staff

  • What makes the staff qualified to train?
  • Does the staff have a background in working with children?
  • Who is the owner, and what is his/her involvement?
  • Is the staff invested in constant improvement and best practice?

3.  Culture

  • Does the gym have and stand by a set of principles that is known by its members?
  • Does the gym promote good sportsmanship and professionalism through its public image?  (This includes logos, slogans, routine music, t-shirt designs / phrases, etc.)
  • How would you describe the personality of the program?
  • How does the program provide structure and maintain cohesiveness among its members?

4.  Program History

  • Longevity – How long has the program been around?
  • Quality of Competition – What is the caliber of competitions that you attend?
  • Size – Does this gym compete in Division 1 or Division 2? Does the size the program define the success of the teams?

5.  Child Development & Growth

  • Can you promise my child will improve as a cheerleader?
  • Will my child learn anything other than cheerleading skills?

6.  Connections & Social Media

  • What type of resources are used to ensure accurate and constant communication between the program and its members?
  • How will I be kept up to date with how my child is doing?
  • How does the program show that they are proud of their athletes and accomplishments?

7.  Injury Prevention

  • How does the program train my child to be ready to compete at an all-star level?
  • What type of equipment and resources does the gym provide to allow athletes to safely progress their skills?
  • How does the program balance skill progression & athlete safety?

8.  Creating Teams & Athlete Placement

  • Does the program have a policy on athlete placement including teams and levels?


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