“My daughter has learned excellence at Star Athletics! The staff is professional and caring and they are trained in what they do. Here, attitude is just as important as athleticism. We are in our 3rd year at Star Athletics and not only has my daughter made lifelong friends, but my husband and I have, as well. This is truly a gym of champions and I highly recommend Star Athletics to anyone looking for a program where your child will grow athletically and personally.”- Sharon Laws-Tiller


“This is our first year at Star. The coaches encourage the athletes. They really show the cheerleaders the correct way/form to execute moves. I have no doubt the teams will perform amazingly this year. The communication that the owner and office manager provide is wonderful. I am always well informed and my questions are quickly answered. The organization here is fantastic.”- Melissa Adasczik


“LOVE Star for My Girl. What an profound impact Star has had on her life.”- Betti Russo


“Star Athletics has been a very positive on influence on my daughter. So many life lessons while surrounded by so much love & support! We are honored to be a part of the Star Family!”- Jackie Salazar


“For those on the fence of wether or not to give Star Athletics All Star Cheer a try…Let me tell you. JUST DO IT. there has been no greater year in my child’s life thus far. The commitment the responsibility, the countless hours of physical training, the mental preparation, the ups and the downs are ALL WORTH IT. You cannot match the feeling of watching it all pay off when they HIT a routine, or bring home first place, or adjust their efforts to make sure there are no mistakes. Its not “just cheerleading,” it is EVERYTHING. your child can take his or herself to a whole new level in cheer, but they can also become a stronger, more confident, more focused person. I have seen it with my own eyes. I have lived it with my own child. I have gone in head first blind and unprepared for what was to be, and here we are rapping up the season and IT IS AMAZING to see the outcome on each and every one of the athletes of Star Athletics. Unmatched, unimaginable, unsurpassable pride in this program, and I can only tell you, you have to see it for yourself. The coaches and staff are without a doubt practicing what they preach. Loyalty, Family. The Star Way! You wont be disappointed.”- Kelly Sallie


“Last year was my daughter Mya’s first year doing cheer. We knew nothing about the sport but with the guidance of the owner and staff we are a cheer family now! I am impressed with the staff’s experience and approach to the overall development of the girls and boys-physically, mentally and emotionally. Thank you STAR!”- Karen Russo


“Our daughters joined Star last year and we all love it!! After 4 years of All Star Cheer, this first season with Star was by far their best experience yet!”- Sal Calandra


“PHENOMENAL All Star Cheer program! Encouraging and skilled! AMAZING coaches! My daughter was with another gym for 5 years, and she didn’t make NEARLY as much progress in that amount of time as she has within the past few months of being with STAR! AND, she was never as HAPPY!”- Jolie Doyle


“I would highly recommend star athletics. I was cheering at another gym for the past 7 years and was not feeling like I was reaching my true potential or meeting the goals I set for myself. I was not happy and actually started losing interest in the sport. I started looking at Star Athletics a few years ago but was hesitant to make a move since I built relationships with my teammates at my other gym. Making the move this year to Star was the best decision! I finally feel motivated and I can honestly say I LOVE cheering again! The owner and coaches seem to love what they do and inspire all of us to be the best we can be! They take the time to teach us what we are doing wrong and show us how to improve! Coming to a new gym is not easy but at Star everyone was welcoming and I feel like I’ve been here forever! No one makes you feel like an outsider or a “newbie”. If anyone is considering a move ….make it at STAR…you won’t regret it!!!”- Alexa Mooney


“Great gym. Worth the 45 minute ride. They have their act together. The teams are amazing. My daughter learned more in the first few weeks at this gym than she learned three years at her old gym. They are strict but you can see that this pays off at the competitions. The kids learn very good lessons, including those they can carry into their personal lives. I am very, very impressed with Star.” – Lisa Reuter


“Incredibly well run. Talented coaches. Caring staff. Good kids. Recipe for success.” – Anna Kroll


“Love the way the girls train, are taught hard work, and how professionally this gym is run. My daughter absolutely loves it at Star.” – Cindy Thompson


“There are simply no words to describe how delighted I am with Lee and his entire staff. From the very first pre-tryout practices, every week something happens that confirms the decision to come to Star Athletics. Lee delivers on everything he says, holds everyone to a higher standard and does it with true joy to help each and every athlete do their best. His respect for all of the athletes and the families is immeasurable. Thank you, Lee, just Thank You!”- Wendy Trekster


“I think this gym is amazing, now we don’t live near it or attend it so my review is going to be based on their performance and their athletes and family! My daughters gym competed against their gym at NCA in the small J2 division. This team of their’s was incredible! So much talent and such a beautiful routine. Probably the best level 2 routine I had ever seen. I thought that was a first place routine but instead they got 2nd. Those girls put their heart on the floor and for whatever reason they got 2nd to us. I have never seen a more gracious group of girls. They were nothing but nice to our whole team although we already had a summit bid we wouldn’t go if it was not paid and their j2 already had one. After the comp a lot of our team became friends with a lot their team on various social media sites. They encouraged our girls each competition after NCA to do their best and really wanted them to earn the paid summit bid the last few opportunities we had to get one so they could cheer us on at the Summit. They were the most positive group of kids I had ever seen especially when I’m sure it had to be a little hard because of how close they came to that win. Still to this day my daughter talks of them and to them, a lot of them have plans to meet at NCA this year and cheer each other on in their different divisions. I know cheer can make lifelong friendships but I did not see this coming. I believe the actions of those girls speak volumes as to the the program and its coaches as well as their parents at home! They have so much to be proud of and I just wish they could of shared in that NCA win. I would say their actions and performance definitely deserves it! I’m cheering for those girls this year as well! This review has been a long time coming but I needed to finally put it out there! If we were in NJ, I know where we would be! Keep up the great work with those amazing kids!!!”- Kristen Hughes, Schertz, TX

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