Season 9 Competition Results

Star Athletics prides itself on competing at prestigious competitions as a Division 1 Program. No matter what our placements, we are proud of the competitive fire in each of our athletes. We proudly share our results after each competition. We will be updating this post as the season progresses. #theSTARway #theSTARrisin9


⭐️ Star Athletics Season 9
⭐️ Post Season Qualifiers

  • Senior Red (At Large Bid- Cheerleading World Championships)
  • Senior Slate (Paid Bid- D1 Summit)
  • Senior Black (At Large Bid- D1 Summit)
  • Senior White (Paid Bid- D1 Summit)
  • Senior Onyx (At Large Bid- D1 Summit)
  • Senior Gold (Paid Bid- D1 Summit)
  • Junior Gold (At Large Bid- D1 Summit)
  • Junior White (Paid Bid- D1 Summit)
  • Junior Chrome (Paid Bid- D1 Summit)
  • Youth Black (At Large Bid- D1 Summit)



⭐️ 2019 Spirit Cheer Championships 
⭐️ STAR Athletics Final Results

Youth Black: 2nd
Junior Chrome: 1st, Best Running Tumbling
Junior White: 1st, Best Stunts
Junior Gold: 1st
Senior Onyx: 2nd
Senior Gold: 1st
Senior White: 1st
Senior Black: 1st
Senior Slate: 1st
Senior Red: 3rd

🏆10 Teams- 10 Top 3 Finishes
🏆7 1st Place Teams
🏆4 D1 Top Scores
🏆5 Summit Bids
🏆1 Director’s Award


⭐️ 2019 Athletics Championships 
⭐️ STAR Athletics Final Results

Youth Black-1st
Junior Chrome- 1st
Junior White- 1st
Junior Gold- 1st
Senior Onyx- 4th
Senior White- 1st
Senior Gold- 3rd
Senior Black- 1st
Senior Slate- 1st
Senior Red- 3rd

🏆10 Teams in Top 3
🏆1 Bid to the Cheerleading World Championships
🏆2 Grand Champions (Best of Level 3 and 4)
🏆2 Innovative Choreography Awards
🏆1 Best Dance Award
🏆1 Best Stunt Award
🏆1 Best Pyramid Award


⭐️ 2019 Cheer LTD
⭐️ STAR Athletics Final Results

Junior Silver: 1st



⭐️ 2019 WSF Liberty Bell Championships
⭐️ STAR Athletics Final Results

🔺Youth Black- 1st, L1 Grand Champ
🔺Junior White- 1st, L2 Grand Champ
🔺Senior Gold- 1st, L3 Grand Champ
🔺Senior Black- 1st, L4 Grand Champ
🔺Junior Gold- 1st
🔺Senior Onyx- 1st
🔺Senior White- 1st
🔺Senior Slate- 1st
🔺Senior Red- 1st
🔺Junior Silver- 2nd
🔺Junior Chrome- 3rd
🔺Mini Rubies- Superior Award

🏆9 out of 11 competitive teams finished in 1st place!
🏆Highest Rank for Mini Rubies at their first comp
🏆Best scores of Levels 1-4
🏆Competition Top Score: Junior White


⭐️ 2019 Cheersport National Championships 
⭐️ STAR Athletics Final Results

🔺Youth Black- 1st Place /12
🔺Junior Chrome- 1st Place /10
🔺Junior White-2nd Place /13
🔺Junior Gold- 1st Place /10
🔺Senior Onyx- 5th Place /12
🔺Senior Gold- 1st Place /13
🔺Senior White- 1st Place /11
🔺Senior Black- 4th Place /14
🔺Senior Slate- 3rd Place /7
🔺Senior Red- 9th Place /12

🏆5 Cheersport National Titles, the most EVER for Star Athletics
🏆9 Teams in Top 10
🏆2 Paid Bids to D1 Summit (Scores were at the TOP of the level)
🏆2 At Large Bids to the D1 Summit





⭐️ 2019 NCA All Star Nationals
⭐️ STAR Athletics Final Results

🔺Senior Red- 12th Place /24


⭐️ 2019 Spirit Fest Championships
⭐️ STAR Athletics Final Results

🔺Youth Black- 1st 
🔺Junior Chrome- 1st 
🔺Junior White- 1st 
🔺Junior Gold- 1st 
🔺Senior Onyx- 2nd
🔺Senior Gold- 1st 
🔺Senior White- 1st 
🔺Senior Black- 1st 
🔺Senior Slate- 1st 
🔺Senior Red- 1st 

🏆8 teams won their division, all teams placed in top 2!
🏆Two D1 Level High Scores: 3 & 4
🏆Average Routine Score: 97.93
🏆2 Summit Bids



⭐️ 2019 American Cheer Power
⭐️ STAR Athletics Final Results

🔺Mini Rubies- Routine Rating: Excellent
🔺Junior Silver- 3rd


⭐️ 2019 NCA Northeast Classic
⭐️ STAR Athletics Final Results

🔺Youth Black: 1st Place
🔺Junior Silver: 1st Place
🔺Junior Chrome: 1st Place & L1 High Point
🔺Junior White: 1st Place & L2 High Point
🔺Junior Gold: 1st Place
🔺Senior Onyx: 5th
🔺Senior Gold: 1st Place & L3 High Point
🔺Senior White: 2nd Place
🔺Senior Slate: 1st Place & L4 High Point
🔺Senior Black: Exhibition
🔺Mini Rubies: Excellent Rating

🏆Best Tumbling, Best Showmanship, Best Use of Stunts

🏆Herkie High Point- Novice, Prep, and Elite Level 1-4


⭐️ 2019 Spirit Sports Battle at The Beach
⭐️ STAR Athletics Final Results

🔺Youth Black: 2nd 
🔺Junior Chrome: 1st
🔺Junior White: 1st
🔺Junior Gold: 3rd
🔺Senior Onyx: 1st
🔺Senior Gold: 1st
🔺Senior White: 2nd
🔺Senior Slate: 1st
🔺Senior Black: 3rd
🔺Senior Red: 1st, Ultimate Battle Champion



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