We asked our All Star athletes to answer some questions before their first competition. Read what they had to say!

A text from a former athlete who is now in college:

“I’ve been thinking about this a lot since I’ve been at school, so long story short, my friends always get very overwhelmed with their work and put it off till Sunday and are up all night trying to study and what not. I just finished a 5 page paper (rough draft so not the real thing yet) in about 3 hours. It’s not due till Saturday night, and I have no other current assignments other than to study, but I figured I should just get it done. And my friends have said “how do you get everything done” or “I wish I could work like you!!” And I would just like to thank you and Star Athletics for teaching me how to be a diligent worker, disciplined, time management skills, and being able to understand what I want now versus what I want most (say, going out instead of writing my paper). It really does translate to the outside of cheerleading, and I’m very grateful.”

How do you want to be remembered as a member of Star Athletics?

What was your favorite Star Athletics memory?

What is your advice to first year Star Athletics members?

How have you grown since joining Star Athletics?

What do you enjoy most about Star Athletics?

Describe your Star Athletics experience in one sentence.