What is All Star Elite?

All Star Elite at Star Athletics is a program reserved for the area’s top cheer athletes. Children try out for teams (Level 1-5) and compete on a national level.

The Star Athletics Elite program is Division 1 and our athletes compete at prestigious competitions among the “best of the best.” With our collection of National Championships and multiple top 10 finishes at Cheerleading Worlds, our staff has a proven track record of bringing out the best in their teams.

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Cheer Season At a Glance (Elite Teams)

SPRING/SUMMER (Pre-Season): Tryouts for our All Star program take place during the first week of May and continue throughout the month. Initial team placement is typically in June. Our Elite teams will practice together through the summer to develop strength and skills that will later be performed in their routines for that season. Team chemistry is built through practices and team bonding.

FALL (Training Season):  Time in the gym increases and our routines are developed. Athletes will train to prepare for competitions. 

WINTER (Competition Season):  Our teams are ready to compete with their routines. On average, our Elite Teams will compete about 7 times. Our teams will also perform at various “Showcase” performances that are not judged. Competitions take place locally in New Jersey or in other venues around the country. Teams will continue to practice and progress throughout the season. 

All Star Elite: Travel, expense, time… Are the sacrifices worth it?

  • “Watching [my daughter] learn and improve skills as an athlete is rewarding. But honestly, seeing her mature as a competitor and teammate is priceless. I am so grateful for “The Star Way”. The culture you have created for our gym truly reinforces what I am trying to teach my children. When people ask me how I do it…. the travel, expense, sacrifice…. I tell them that allowing my daughter to join STAR is one of the best parenting decisions I’ve ever made.”

  • “People ask me if I am crazy driving an hour to get to the gym and I simply reply that I would be crazy not to. I just had to let you know the impact that you are making on not only [my daughter’s] life but the life of our entire family.”

  • “My daughter is currently finishing her junior year of high school, and back in the fall, I was concerned that the added commute time plus an increased commitment level at Star would not bode well for her academics in this crucial year. Once again, I was wrong. She had her best year to date. Her grades are high, her confidence is high, and her mood is over the moon. She is motivated to succeed in all areas, and we are looking at colleges that I previously didn’t think would be possibilities.”

  • My daughter is happiest when she is in the gym or competing. Her teammates and coaches are her closest friends and family, and they have become our family too.

  • “[STAR Athletics] has extended my daughter’s athleticism beyond what her other sports do. The work she does at Star helps her in the other sports she does. Her training makes her a better all around athlete.

  • “As a cheer gym, you successfully build champions, but more importantly you also help young girls develop the self-confidence that comes with knowing they have truly worked their hardestas individuals and as a team.  They learn the value of perseverance and intentness and they learn to respect themselves and one another.  They win and lose with grace.  All these things will inevitably help them become confident young women as they move beyond the cheer world.  I have seen it in my own daughter as she moved 600 miles away to navigate life on her own in college.  Although she no longer wears the uniform, she will always carry your lessons in her heart.  I am so proud to be affiliated with Star …”

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Star Athletics Cheer & Tumbling
Star Athletics Cheer & Tumbling

All Star Cheer- According to the Athletes

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