Q- How do I know what level I am at tryouts? What routine should I be doing?

A- Please click here for a detailed description.

It is recommended that both parent and athlete read this document.

If you still are not sure, please e-mail tryouts@allstarcheernewjersey.com and we will gladly help! 🙂

Please Be Advised:

*Athletes must perform a level routine that meets and follows all skills required for that level.

*Coaches may ask athletes to come back to another night and perform a different level routine if the routine of choice is not approved. (Non-approved routines are when athletes perform a mixture of level skills.)

*The level routine that an athlete performs may or may not ultimately match the level team they are placed on. Our teams are not based 100% on tumbling.

*Athletes may, if they choose, perform more than 1 level routines – so long that both routines follow the rules / standards required for that level. This would be important for any athlete wanting to be considered for a crossover position. This would also be important for anyone who may be performing a level routine that is the very base of that level. It will be in your best interest to show a 2nd routine that is near the top of the previous level.