VIP #4- Sign up for the best VIP event yet!

This Wednesday, we are hosting our final VIP Session. We are thrilled to introduce All Star Cheer to potential new members and can’t wait for you to join us. This last VIP Event is special, as we give a deeper look into our program. You even can view a practice where you will be able to see our coaching style and our athletes in action! For more info, click here. Don’t forget to sign up online! It’s FREE!

“I loved this event last year. [My daughter] had gone to a couple of the VIP sessions, but this is the BIG one – parents get the great opportunity to ask any and all question. They hand out cards so you can ask questions anonymously about the gym… And for the record everything that was said at this meeting happened exactly as stated, no big surprises, no outrageous extra expenses. Very Confident and excited for 2017-2018!!”- Wendy T. (First Year Parent)

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