[VIP #1 Tryout Clinic] RECAP

We welcomed over 40 new families into our gym last Friday to show them what All Star Cheer at STAR is all about. Read what they had to say about their experience…

“I love how organized your program is. My daughter is excited to tryout in May.

“The parent session was very informative. My daughter as well as her 2 friends that came with her had so much fun, they insisted on staying for open tumble.”

“We loved the clinic. I didn’t have many questions because it was pretty much answered in the opening. It kind of felt like she was reading our minds. We are coming from a D2 gym who has very different business and coaching ethics. We find your program refreshing. We can’t wait for tryouts and being on a team.”

“It was fantastic. My daughter can not wait to go back to Star!

“My daughter takes classes/camp at Star so she’s comfortable and familiar with your gym. Her exact words were “i learned more stuff today and had fun”. Perfect combination. We love your program…”

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