STAR offers high quality tumbling instruction for kids ages 6 and up.

Fall Session #1

Click Here to Enroll Online- Fall Session 1

(8 Week Session- Starting Tuesday, September 5th and ending Thursday, October 25th)

*NEW*- You may also DROP IN to a tumbling class for $20 (cash) a class.

Tumble 1 Class

Tumble 2 Class

Tumble 2.5 Class

Must have a running roundoff back handspring (working multiples)

Tumble 3 Class

Must have a triple back handspring.

Tumble 4 Class

Must have a running pass that ends in a tuck.

Tumble 5 Class

This class is now 1 and a half hours and $15 for Drop In Classes.

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Q:  I’m a first time member. How do I sign up?
A: Welcome! Please create an account on our Parent Portal. You may sign up for your class and visit the front desk upon arrival. Our friendly office staff will show you where to place your belongings and get you situated before the class.

Q: My child has never tumbled before. How would she fit into your classes?
A: We have 6 different class curriculums that will suit beginner athletes all the way to the most advanced. Please read through all class requirements.

Q: How is your instruction different than a typical gymnastics class?
A: Our athletes will spend time training tumbling elements ONLY versus elements for floor, beam, bars, and vault. We also train skills in a different order due to the set up of the USASF All Star Tumbling Levels. Our classes have been developed with the “cheer season” in mind.

Q: I have taken tumbling classes before at other cheer facilities. What makes your classes different?
A: Our facility is unmatched by any other cheer gym in the area. Our equipment is state of the art and constantly being updated. There are multiple surfaces to tumble and train, which allows for natural and SAFE progression of skills. We have the space in our facility to run classes that are uninterrupted by any other team or activity. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable and continues to research best practices, training techniques, and methods. We believe our athletes truly learn the BEST when they learn #thestarway. If you want to see the difference for yourself, please watch our Tumbling Videos on our YouTube Page.

Q: Do I have to be a member of your All Star Program to be in the class?
A: No, everyone is welcome to sign up!

"As parents, we couldn’t be happier with the program. There is constant communication so everyone is well prepared and organized. We love how the program works on conditioning skills to help improve tumbling. The students absolutely love the program. They LEARN so much from their coaches who take the time to explain areas where they can improve and actually show them how to improve certain areas!”- Tumble Class Parent