The Tryout Routines will be explained, taught, and demonstrated at our Tryout Clinics. Please utilize the material on this website if you are unable to attend the clinics or would like extra practice.

Click here to listen to the Tryout Routine music.

The Tryout Routine Layout

Each level routine follows this format. You will choose what skills to do in each section.

  1. Running tumbling pass (level appropriate)
  2. Transition pass (level appropriate)
  3. Jumps connected to tumbling (level appropriate)
  4. Triple jump connected (front hurdler, toe touch, toe touch)
  5. Standing tumbling (level appropriate)
  6. Dance

Tryout Performance Dance:

This will be the dance at the end of every Tryout Routine. This video shows the dance at a slow pace done with counts. The first part of the video was filmed from behind. Use this to learn the dance. The second video will show you what the dance will look like to the judges in the front.

Tryout Routine:

This is a general video of the Routine Layout and the performance that is expected throughout. All skills are “marked” in this video.

What Level Am I?

Read this document before you select your level!

The full routine videos, posted below, are helpful guidelines. You do NOT have to follow the exact tumbling passes in each routine video. Please read the level appropriate tumbling examples on our Tryout Document.

Level 5W (Worlds Eligible)

Level 5R  (Restricted 5)

Level 4 

Level 3

Level 2

Level 1

Made Your Decision?

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