Star Athletics 2017-2018 Tryout Form

Please fill out this form prior to the tryouts for the 2017-2018 Star Athletics Tryout. You will receive a schedule letting you know what time you will be evaluated ONLY after you've sent in this form and completed payment on our Parent Portal.
    Please choose the level routine (s) you will be performing. Athletes must perform a level routine that meets and follows all skills required for that level. Coaches may ask an athlete to come back to another night and perform a different level routine if it is not approved. Athletes who perform routines with mixture of level skills in routine will not be approved for that level. The level routine that you perform may or may not ultimately match the level team you are placed on. Our teams are not based 100% on tumbling. Athletes may, if they choose, perform more than 1 level routines - so long that both routines follow the rules / standards required for that level. (This would be important for any athlete wanting to be considered for a crossover position. This would also be important for anyone who may be performing a level routine that meets the base requirements of that level. It will be in your best interest to show a 2nd routine that is near the top of the previous level.)
    If you would like to be evaluated for a flying position, please click yes below that acknowledges you will attend the flyer’s evaluation. Our standards and requirements for flying positions are ever changing, and not everyone will fly this year. Star Athletics is looking for well rounded cheer athletes who are willing to learn different positions if asked to. If you are not being evaluated for a flying position, please leave this box blank.
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    You will only receive a tryout time if you've filled out this form and completed payment on our parent portal.