[BLOG] What is The Summit?

What is The Summit and why do cheer teams want bids?

Varsity All Star has created an “All Level,” end of the year Championship for the best teams in the nation. The event is divided into Division 1 and Division 2. Star Athletics will attend the D1 Summit in Orlando, Florida in May to compete against the absolute best teams in the nation.

Youth, Junior, and Senior teams from around the country try to qualify for this event based on their scores at competitions throughout the year. At the events STAR attends, the only teams that qualify for bids are the top finishers in the entire level or age group. This means, earning a bid is extremely difficult.

Star Athletics has attended The D1 Summit every year since it was created in 2013. Our gym has earned multiple championships and top ten finishes. We are proud to say that this ranks our gym as one of the best in the country!

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