Star Stunt Camp- Recap

The past week has been incredible for our All Star Teams!

We are super impressed with how quickly our teams have come together with their groups. Watch our amazing Stunt Camp Week. Congratulations to our Team Winners! #STARStuntCamp #STARn8tion
⭐️Youth Silver: Best Dressed
⭐️Youth Pink: Most Persistent
⭐️Junior Chrome: Most Initiative
⭐️Junior White: Most Determined
⭐️Junior Gold: Most Improved (Stronger)
⭐️Junior Black: Competitive Greatness
⭐️Senior Silver: Most Cooperative
⭐️Senior Onyx: Most Enthusiastic
⭐️Senior White: Best Overall 🏆
⭐️Senior Gold: Most Versatile
⭐️Senior Black: Top Technique
⭐️Senior Red: STAR* Spirit

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