[SPIRIT CHEER] 2018 Recap

Our first competition has ended and Team STAR has a lot to be proud of. Great performances, happy moments, new skills, zero deduction routines, level leaders… this weekend had a bit of it all! We are also proud of all the lessons we’ve learned. We will continue to grow and progress throughout the season. #thestarway

Spirit Cheer Final Results:
Youth Pink- 3rd
Junior Chrome- 1st, At-Large Bid to The Summit
Junior White- 1st
Junior Gold- 1st
Junior Black- 3rd
Senior Onyx- 4th
Senior White- 1st, At-Large Bid to The Summit
Senior Gold- 1st, Paid Bid to The Summit
Senior Black- 4th
Senior Red- 2nd, At-Large Bid to Worlds

Thank you to our team parents, staff, parents, and amazing athletes. We love #STARN8tion

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