Stunt Camp Was AWESOME!… Here is why…

Our Season 9 Stunt Camp was a huge success.
See for yourself why it was the BEST Stunt Camp we’ve had to date! #theSTARrisin9

Top 10 Reasons Why Stunt Camp Was Amazing.

10. Energy & Enthusiasm


9. Strength & Conditioning


8. Large Group Atmosphere


7. Award Certificates


6. Growth Mindset


5. Stunt Camp Challenges


4. Rising Boards: #theSTARrisin9



3. Theme Days


2. Team Bonding


1. Rainbow Bracelets


…and of course, the incredible SKILLS!


Read what our All Star Parents said:

  • (My daughter) absolutely loves it there !!! She had a blast ! ❤️🖤
  • (My daughter) had the best time!! She said the games were so much fun…
  • (My daughter) had a great time. These are memories that will last a lifetime.
  • (My daughter) had an awesome time…. She can’t wait till the morning Stunt Camp Day 3 🌈🌈🌈
  • (My daughter) had a blast!! She couldn’t stop talking about all the fun games that were played, she is looking forward to tomorrow 🌈
  • (My daughter) had an amazing time! She absolutely loves this gym and has a smile on her face every time after practice!
  • (My daughter) couldn’t stop talking about all the fun she had!!!
  • Making great memories
  • (My daughter) had a great time at team bonding. She loved the games. Lasting memories for sure
  • (My daughter) had a great night. Comes home and tells me all about it 😊
  • (My daughter) had a blast!!
  • (My daughter) had an amazing time !!!!
  • She had a blast!

Think our All Star Elite Program is for you?

E-mail us! There are still spots open on our amazing teams! Come RISE with us in season 9! #theSTARrisin9

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