[SEASON 7] What Makes The Staff Proud?

We asked the staff what they were most proud of in Season 7. These remarks have very little to do with awards, banners, and championships. Read more to find out what our coaches think of our amazing kids!

“I am most proud of the athletes’ ability to work hard and stay resilient after facing defeats and challenges throughout the season. They never gave up or lost hope.”

“I am most proud of the sportsmanship and support our program shows toward others.”

“I’m most proud of the grace many of our teams showed during moments of failure, disappointment or heartbreak. The teams who didn’t earn bids early on when the entire gym was in complete celebration. The teams who came so close to realizing their dreams at NCA but fell short or had major errors and managed to stick together and rise even stronger. The teams who showed sportsmanship and encouragement to other teams of ours or another program even when they were not succeeding themselves. Im proud that within all the major success, teams who don’t individually succeed feel just as much pride and and joy to be part of the major whole… to be part of something greater and almost indescribable.”

“I am most proud of our ability as coaches to handle and manage the stress and pressure of a standard that we have created ourselves and continue to surmount with each passing day…this is included but not limited to teams, routines, tumbling classes, flyers training, motivational activities, and the list goes on…”

“I’m proud that the kids are on board with us and listen to what we are saying. They have matched our intensity and focus and it is the reason our teams continue to look the way they do.”

“I am most proud of the selfless nature of all of our teams. If a team is unable to watch another star team due to their own warm up or compete time, they are always concerned with how the other team did. They love supporting their friends and teammates and certainly are not thrilled when they have to miss a performance. This was the first topic of conversation for many kids once the Summit schedule came out. They just love being there to support each other.”

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