[RECAP] 2018 Cheersport Nationals

Star Athletics brought 9 teams to Georgia this past weekend for the 2018 Cheersport National Championships.

Our divisions were packed with teams that we are lucky to stand beside. They all push us to be better. This weekend we focused, battled, supported teammates, felt victory, felt defeat, had fun, made memories, and learned lessons that only sports could teach.
Thank you to everyone that made this weekend possible. (We hope you enjoyed all of the walking! Hehe)

Sr Black-1st / 11
Sr Gold- 3rd / 12
Sr White-1st / 12
Jr Black-9th / 14
Sr Onyx-2nd / 13
Jr Chrome-4th/13
Jr White- 6th / 12
Junior Gold- 4th/ 7
Senior Red -5th / 8

#STARN8tion #thestarway
We look forward to the back half of our season

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