[BLOG] “In 2017…”

Listen to some of our All Star Athletes describe their favorite moments from 2017!

“In 2017 I️ came to STAR a little nervous but every one was so welcoming and nice. It allowed me to meet so many more people I️ consider such great friends. I️ also improved my tumbling technique and power when I️ came to STAR. I am happy I️ have the opportunity to cheer with all of you ❤️.”– Beth

“In 2017 I came to STAR nervous and not as technically good as everyone else which was stressful but by growing closer to the girls, I have pushed myself and grown in technique and I am more confident every time we do full outs.”- Katelyn

“In 2017 I took away many life lessons, especially how to train my mind in order to become a better athlete and person overall. Last cheer season we were given a book called Mind Gym and it has helped me succeed in not only cheering but in my everyday life.”- Katrina

“In 2017, I joined star for my first year and made the team I wanted to be on and met many amazing athletes and have improved a lot in becoming a great athlete and I’m proud to be a part of such an amazing family ❤️⭐️.”– Alexis

“In 2017, I was introduced to STAR and was able  to join two teams with great girls and great coaches. I have ultimately become a better cheerleader here, regarding technique and endurance, and am thankful for my cheer family!❤️”– Imani

“In 2017, I built up my stamina a lot by conditioning more frequently.”- Natalia

“In 2017, I built my endurance up more by running a lot and it helped me with our fullouts.”  – Amanda N.

“In 2017, I️ learned that my team could help me through my toughest moments.”- Gianna P.

“In 2017, I learned how to balance college studies with traveling for cheerleading.” – Sam S.

“In 2017, I experienced making it to finals with Senior Platinum, and getting second with Senior Gold. Two best moments of my life!” – Sam S.

“In 2017, Senior Gold moved up 5 places at the Summit!!!!”- Sami

“In 2017, Senior Gold moved up from 7th to 2nd place at the summit!!!” – Julz

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