Star Athletics HYPE Teams #focuslearngrow

Star Athletics is proud to offer the sport of cheer to all children, no matter the experience level.

What is a HYPE team?– Star Athletics HYPE Teams are created for athletes looking for an amazing foundational cheer experience! Teams are based on age and cheer position. Along side of cheer & tumbling training, HYPE athletes will learn a 2 minute routine filled with stunts, tumbling, jumps and choreography. HYPE Teams perform and compete at various showcases and competitions in the All Star Prep division. 

2017-2018 HYPE Teams

Youth Silver
Youth Prep Level 1
11 and under
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Senior Silver
Senior Prep Level 2
10 & up
(Please note: 10 & 11 year olds may qualify for Youth)
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Q: How is this different than your All Star Cheer Program?
A: Less Commitment (Travel, expense, practice time, length of season, etc.), All Star Prep Division (Shorter routine with less demands)

Q: How old do you have to be?
A: This season, we are looking for children ages 18 years old and under.

Q: What if you don’t have cheer experience?
A: Great! We teach you what you need to know. 🙂 We are positive your child will GROW at Star Athletics!

Q: What will I learn?
A: HYPE teams will learn competitive cheer routines but will also practice cheer and tumbling skills throughout their practice sessions.

Q: How is this different than my recreational program or high school program?
A: You will have access to our outstanding cheer and tumbling training. Our staff members are knowledgable and safety certified. You will also have access to our well equipped facility. Star Athletics members also are able to meet kids from outside of of their towns and create new relationships.

Q: How is this different than other All Star Prep Programs?
A:  It is our goal to make the experience as similar to traditional All Star as possible. We have dedicated HYPE program staff members who are outstanding coaches and organizers. HYPE will be part of the 2017-2018 team reveal, showcases, social media coverage, etc. The HYPE teams will always have their own floor to practice on. HYPE members will have the same access to tumble classes and private lessons. 

Q: How do I know if I really want to do this?
A: Follow our HYPE Teams on Twitter. You can get an inside look at our practices and the teams! (@STAR_YthSilver @STAR_SrSilver) You may also come to the gym and view a practice before making your decision. 

Q: How do I sign up?
A: Please e-mail We cannot wait to hear from you!

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