Encore Championships Recap



What a day at the Encore Championships!! #starclub7

Senior Red-1st
Senior Steel-1st
Senior Black-1st, Best Choreo
Senior Platinum- 1st
Senior White- 1st
Senior Gold- 1st, Best Choreo
Senior Onyx- 1st
Junior Black-1st
Junior White-3rd
Junior Chrome- 2nd, Best Pyramid, Best Choreo

“I am so proud of Star Athletics! Coaches, parents, and teams we had a marathon week dating back to last Sunday. Training nearly every day to prepare for our showcase and first competition. I am so proud of how serious everyone takes these days and puts everything else aside to make this a priority. Our showcase was amazing and so was today’s competition. With the most athletes we’ve ever competed with, the teams performed with intensity, passion, and excellence. The new season is officially underway and I can’t wait to keep training and compete our routines. Proud is an understatement for sure, LFTSW*”- Lee Grobstein (Gym Owner/Coach)

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