[BLOG] What makes Star Athletics different?

There are many gyms that provide All Star Cheer teams for athletes. At this time of year, potential All Star Parents typically ask, “What makes your gym different?”

This is not an easy question to answer because #thestarway is hard to define. However, it is the perfect time of year to explain the one thing that no other gym in the country has…

Our Tryout Process.

This process is unique and can only be found at Star Athletics. It was developed by our staff after years of athlete placement and competition.

There is a defined system that we use to place our athletes on competitive teams. We feel this system sets up our teams and athletes for success.

Gain Skills: Our system enables athletes to gain skills within a level. There are “typical skills” that define the cheer levels and our athletes don’t stop there! We expect to see a large variety of skills at individual tryouts. (This also includes fundamental tumbling skills that are needed in every level.) This process creates very well rounded athletes.

Real Experience: Our tryout routine simulates real situations and sets our kids up for the demands of actual competitive routines.

Positive Environment: We have seen less injuries since we started to use our Tryout Process. This is extremely important to us. We also noticed that our athletes are more confident and happy after practices and competitions.

Work Hard, See Results: With level appropriate teams, our athletes are able to focus on ALL of the things that the competition scoresheet demands (performance, technique, precision, etc.) Athletes will see results and scores will increase after they become educated cheer athletes.

Patience and Trust: Our staff makes sure to evaluate athlete skills in person and then will carefully analyze video footage of tryouts. We see the athletes in both individual and group settings. We do not rush making teams because we consider it a very complex puzzle that needs to be properly put together. Our families learn to trust us in this period as we communicate our expectations with both athletes and parents.

We evaluate our system and make sure it is working properly year after year. To experience the Tryout Process for yourself, please visit our Tryout Website. If you have questions, please e-mail tryouts@allstarcheernewjersey.com.

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